Sunday, February 18, 2018

New digital literary magazine TOK to be
launched in April

A new digital magazine -- TOK -- is to launch officially in April. It's an outgrowth of Disapora Dialogues, which has a long record promoting emerging writers, playwrights and artists. 

The magazine project will rely at first on fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and drama created under the auspices of the Diaspora Dialogues mentoring programs.  The new venture is being led by Helen Walsh, until recently the publisher and president of the Literary Review of Canada, and the founding director of Spur, a national festival of politics, art and ideas.
"We see TOK as the logical extension of the work we’ve done over the past decade and a half. In a world whose reading habits have changed, the publishing landscape irrevocably altered, we’ve designed TOK to be a fluid, responsive network. A way to showcase and support writers across backgrounds and styles. And we’re committed to collaborating with partners across literary, artistic and community realms, to do our bit in fostering a non-zero-sum culture."

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