Thursday, March 15, 2018

Don't know, at your peril; Canadian Art publishes "Dirty Words" issue

Artist: Divya Mehra
Canadian Art magazine has published an unusual "Dirty Words" issue for spring. Poking fun at art-world taboos, the idea for the issue keys off a low-budget, Ottawa kids TV program called "You Can't Do That on Television", later syndicated on YTV in Canada and Nickleodeon in the U.S. The program was notorious, among other things, for dumping green slime on hosts whenever they said "I don't know.". 
” Our “Dirty Words” issue is about the many, complicated concerns that inform the production of art. Much of the art reproduced here is text-based; some words in these works are traditionally profane." [says editor in chief David Balzer] "This is also an issue about what words can, and can’t, do. Words tend to be inadequate, as artist Jenny Holzer asserted in a well-known work—so why not use them to open dialogue and express uncertainty?"

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