Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MAD magazine goes back 60 years
to tweak its logo

Mad magazine has unveiled a new logo and cheekily (for Mad there is no other way) labelled the issue No. 1. In fact, the decision loops back to the original 1952  logo by Harvey 
Kurtzman. Print magazine reproduced the chronology and evolution  of the much-loved satire magazine's logo (see below: click to enlarge)
Executive editor Bill Morrison said:
"We believe there are six things that are essential to MAD: the movie and TV parodies, “Spy vs Spy,” “A MAD Look At…(topic of the issue),” the Marginal Drawings, the Fold-In and, of course, Alfred E. Neuman. These are important to MADfans and will remain in the magazine. We felt that with these pillars of the magazine intact, MAD fans would be willing to accept a different look for the magazine. So far, we’ve been proven right."

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