Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Integrated B2B platforms draw readership for both print and digital copies

There's no surprise in a new B2B market research study done for Magazines Canada that 37% of survey respondents read both print and digital copies of their B2B magazines, 34% digital only, and 29% reading print only. This suggests that integrated, multi-platform strategies are key to reaching the total B2B audience.
The study shows that business media magazines are read by senior people in the industries which they cover, the majority of whom are buyers/purchase influencers. Their audiences trust what they read, and overwhelmingly rely on B2B media to find new trends as well as new products and services. High levels of audience trust and the ability to reach decision makers is also beneficial for advertisers, and the research makes a strong business case for advertising in Canadian B2B magazines.
"The central role played by B2B media is not surprising," explains Magazines Canada Board Chair Scott Jamieson. "For example, it's no surprise that learning about new products and technology is the number one reason business leaders read Canadian business media. However, the increasing number of people involved in B2B purchase decisions was eye-opening, as was the key role played by younger B2B audience members. The massive response rate allows us to really delve into how businesses make buying decisions, where they get the information to support those decisions, and how all of that differs with company size or demographics. Regardless, B2B media in all forms plays a central role."
The study was done by  RKI (Research + Knowledge = Insight) and made possible by Ontario Creates.


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