Thursday, January 31, 2019

UC Observer and Readers Digest collaborate on major feature about rescue of "White Helmets"

Reader's Digest Canada and the United Church Observer have collaborated on a major piece about the daring July 2018 rescue of the "White Helmets", the volunteer first response workers in Syria.
"Veteran journalist Sally Armstrong and photographer Peter Bregg have been producing powerful stories for The Observer since 2017, so when Armstrong pitched the White Helmets idea, I was immediately intrigued—and also realized its potential as a co-produced feature with Reader’s Digest,” says Jocelyn Bell, editor and publisher of The Observer. “Together, Armstrong’s writing and Bregg’s images create an incredibly compelling story, one that makes me proud to be a publisher—and a Canadian."
In August 2018, Armstrong and Bregg travelled to Jordan and Israel to learn about the people and planning behind the secret Canadian-led international operation that saved 422 lives and was, among other things, an inspiring testament to the value of working together.
The special report—which runs at 3,200 words in the January/February 2019 issue of Reader’s Digest and at 5,000 words in The Observer’January 2019 issue—is available on newsstands and at and
[Disclosure: I am a board member of the Observer.] 

Friday, January 25, 2019

David Balzer to step down as editor in chief of Canadian Art magazine

After three years in the position, David Balzer will be stepping down as editor in chief of Canadian Art magazine, effective at the end of March. 
Balzer will be departing to finish his forthcoming book; and taking up a teaching residency at Quest University in Squamish, BC. According to a release from the magazine, he will continue his association with Canadian Art as a contributing editor.
In a message to staff, Gabe Gonda and Debra Campbell, co-chairs of the Canadian Art Foundation board of directors, said, “As editor-in-chief at Canadian Art, David has pursued bold and innovative subjects, mentored young writers and editors and championed underheard communities and emerging voices. Through all this, David has remained one of the leading critical voices in contemporary art, and he will continue to play that role for the magazine going forward as a contributing editor. We’re delighted to be continuing our association with David and grateful for his contributions to the magazine.”
 Debra Rother, currently co-publisher, will become publisher of Canadian ArtSenior editor Bryne McLaughlin, who has been with the magazine since 2001, will assume the role of interim editor-in-chief, responsible for Canadian Art’s editorial operations.