Thursday, September 01, 2005

She was outta there!

Kim Pittaway jumped from the editorship of Chatelaine, apparently, because she felt she was being pushed by Publisher Kerry Mitchell. This from today's Michael Posner article in the Globe and Mail. No notice or severance pay was involved -- she just quit and cleaned out her desk.

Her departure was the culmination of a series of exchanges, some written (I'd love to read that e-mail) and some face-to-face. Pittaway told the Globe:
"It boiled down to a fundamental disagreement about which areas of responsibility were mine and which were the publisher's."
The sudden move was a surprise, apparently even to Mitchell, who is now faced with a magazine where both the Editor and the Managing Editor Bonnie Reichert are gone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunning. I know Kim to be an extremely sensible, thoughtful person. Love to know more about what could have pushed her to such a dramatic statement.

6:00 am  

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