Friday, October 28, 2005

New kids on the Maclean's block

Lest you think that Maclean's is to be put out by a skeleton crew after more than a dozen senior people were shown the door, Editor-in-Chief Ken Whyte has made a flurry of announcements about people he has hired:
  • Nicholas K√∂hler as Associate Editor effective November moving over from the National Post where he has lately been a crime reporter
  • Cathy Gulli as Assistant Editor effective October 26 who worked this past summer as a general assignment reporter for the National Post, having previously worked for National Post Business magazine as an assistant editor
  • Colin Campbell as Assistant Editor effective October 31. For the past three years, he's worked for the New York Times Canada bureau in Toronto.
  • Brian Morgan is Deputy Art Director. He was previously with The Walrus. He served a brief stint as a designer at Saturday Night, with Leanne Shapton and Jason Logan, then worked with Digitopolis in Vancouver before coming to Toronto in 2003 and working at Concrete Design Communications before moving to The Walrus. He also had a hand in the design of the daily mag Dose for CanWest.
  • Jason Logan joins the art department as Designer on November 15. He most recently worked as art director of Seed magazine in New York. Previous stints were at The Walrus and Saturday Night (when it was a weekly insert in the Post).
  • Nancy Macdonald joins as an intern based in Vancouver, working for bureau chief Ken MacQueen.


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