Monday, October 23, 2006

It's fair to say we're concerned, says Oda

Small comforts must be taken wherever they can be found. For instance, this positive, but somewhat vague response from Heritage minister Bev Oda in response to a question in the Commons last week (Oct. 18) about Canada Post's intention to pull $15 million our of the Publications Assistance Program. She had been asked by Charlie Angus, the New Democrat culture critic, whether Heritage would "step into the breach" to make up the "serious shortfall" that magazines would be facing:

Hon. Bev Oda: We are very concerned with the actions and the decisions of Canada Post. As you know, Canada Post is a crown corporation that has its own board, etc., and we have been in discussions with them.

I would express to you the fact that we are committed to the importance of supporting our Canadian publications. Not only will this minister and this department be working on it but this is something that we take seriously as a government.


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