Friday, February 09, 2007

Holding Conrad Black's
defenders to account

There's something about Conrad Black that causes a tendency to excess poundage. Black's own books, like his on Roosevelt and Duplessis, were doorstoppers of gargantuan proportions. His legal troubles are being played out on a grand scale. A vigorous defence of Black appeared -- 25,000 words worth -- the Books in Canada magazine's December issue, penned by BIC publisher Adrian and editor Olga Stein (the whole piece is not yet posted online). And recently, an analysis and criticism of the genesis and intent of that article runs for page after page on the website Dooney's Café.

The critique is authored by Brian Fawcett, sharing credit to Stan Persky. Fawcett, while acknowledging that the topic may be interpreted as being within the magazine's mandate, does a pretty fair job of dismantling the Steins' logic and arguments. If you've read the BIC article, you'll find the analysis interesting. If you haven't, you'll probably find yourself saying "My, big aren't they?"

The Steins are not alone. You might like to look at Support Lord Black, a website where people can declare their support for the beleagured peer.


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