Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Driven magazine expands

Driven magazine seems quite focussed on occupying the gap in the men's market left by Toro magazine. Within a month of the latter's demise, the magazine' editor, Michael LaFave, says it has expanded its circulation by 50%, including going controlled to more Globe and Mail customers (Toro, too, was carried by the Globe) and through Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges. In both instances, it moves into space previously occupied by Toro. According to a story in Media in Canada, the distribution is now 150,000, of which 130,000 are in the Globe, 10,000 with Air Canada and a 10,000 draw on newsstands.

The magazine has also substantially redesigned (something that must have been in the works prior to Toro's demise) with an expansion of its upfront Essentials section. (An interesting wrinkle: (you can see it online) is that James Hunter, the editor of the Essentials section gets a huge credit on the opening page and an asterisk indicates to readers the individual stories he edited, apparently.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Driven Magazine critique in Haiku

Magazine title
looks like Dr. Iven — see?
Design is wanting.

12:21 pm  
Anonymous Martin Patriquin said...

So who edited this piece of championship copy?


"2. Carbon fibre royal flush station Bowel movements run high-tech with this carbon fibre dumper ($9,000; www.headhunterinc.com) from Headhunter Inc., the unbeatable hand in marine sanitation."

9:58 pm  

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