Friday, October 19, 2007

Bob Sexton of Outdoor Canada
new CSME president

The Canadian Society of Magazine Editors (CSME) has elected Bob Sexton, associate editor at Outdoor Canada, as its president, according to a report in mastheadonline (sub req'd).
Sexton replaces Douglas Thompson, editor in chief at Canadian Home Workshop, who served as CSME president for three years. Thompson, currently studying for his MBA at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, will stay on in a past president’s role.
The CSME board is:
  • President - Bob Sexton, associate editor of Outdoor Canada magazine.
  • Vice-President - Laurie Jennings, managing editor of Wish and Gardening Life.
  • Treasurer - Angela Keenlyside, senior managing editor of Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL.
  • Program/Communications Director - Liann Bobechko, assistant editor at Cottage Life.
  • Awards Director - Jodi Avery MacLean, managing editor at Canadian Home Workshop.
  • Membership Director - Martin Zibauer, senior editor of Cottage Life.
  • Technical Co-ordinator - Jessica Ross, executive editor of Homemakers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange that there are no editors "in chief" on the CSME board.
Are magazine editors today overworked? Or do they simply not care?
Why, in my day....

6:54 pm  
Blogger Patrick Walsh said...

Good question. In my case, I'm quite pleased that Bob has stepped up; he'll make a great prez. I would get involved in a lesser capacity, but I'm already tied up with NMAF and Magazines Canada duties (not to mention my job, family life, side interests and son's rep hockey ambitions). I suspect many other editors "in chief" are similarly preoccupied. However, it would be nice to see more of us pitch in and volunteer, if possible. At any rate, I don't think it's some kind of indictment on CSME.
Bob's boss (Patrick Walsh)

11:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knew they were looking for board members? Not me, and I've been a dues-paying member since 1995.

9:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you sound pretty adept at keeping you identity well...anonymous...maybe the CSME didn't know you were interested? Could it be time for you to stand up and be counted?

1:58 pm  

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