Monday, December 03, 2007

Best of B.C. newsstand promotion
increased sales seven times

Single copy sales of participating British Columbia magazines increased by 13.9% during a special 6-month promotion organized by the Periodical Marketers of Canada in cooperation with the British Association of Magazine Publishers (BCAMP). (During the same period, magazine newsstand sales in BC generally went up 2.1%). About 30 magazines and 2,600 retailers participated.

The pilot project was assisted financially by the Department of Canadian Heritage and was believed to be the first time that public money had gone towards assisting magazines to promote themselves through the mass market retail channel.

The campaign involved special BC-only pockets with backing cards designed for the program and carrying the slogan Best of B.C.

Among the titles participating were B. C. Homes, B.C. Business, B.C. Outdoor Fishing Adventures, Modern Dog, Cottage Magazine, Gardens West, Geist, Jenish Home Plans, Vancouver, Western Living magazine and YES magazine.

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And British Columbia Magazine.

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