Monday, December 03, 2007

CBP prez says trade publishing association should stay independent

[This post has been updated.]

Canadian Business Press president Phil Boyd has told Masthead magazine (sub req'd) that he is firmly in favour of maintaining an independent trade publishing organization. This comes on the heels of Rogers Media Publishing withdrawing its membership in CBP and announcing that it was in talks with Magazines Canada about a possible alliance.

Boyd said that the two associations' members had editorial and circulation models that are "fundamentally different".

(Interestingly, while John Milne, the senior vice-president of the Rogers business and professional group had spoken about the need for a unified voice, Magazines Canada has made no comment or any suggestion about a possible merger of the two associations.)

Boyd's remarks were somewhat less conciliatory than the tone immediately after (CBP's website said last week that it was interested in talks about working more closely together with Magazines Canada on merging two, annual competing conferences. That may still be true.)
“Most Western countries have two associations,” Boyd said. “One representing the interests of consumer magazine publishers and one representing the interests of business and professional publishers.”
As one example of the differences, Boyd said:
“[The CBP] believes controlled circulation magazines, which account for the bulk of business and professional titles, should receive PAP assistance,” Boyd said. “For obvious reasons, Magazines Canada would prefer that PAP was only available to paid circulation magazines."
[Phil Boyd points out that he actually said "members of Magazines Canada".]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade and consumer pubs are completely different animals. The need for a dedicated voice in both segments is absolutely necessary.

This is just another Rogers political game.

3:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or perhaps it's a statement on getting fair value for membership fees.

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil and the CBP have fought tirelessly, and are continuing to fight for the solidification of PAP subsidies for request publications.

The CBP have continuously demonstrated an absolute dedication to the cause and request publications across the nation have alot to thank the efforts of the CBP for.

Magazines Canada have been firm in their belief of paid titles solely being eligible for postal subsidies. I'm sure they would have been more than happy to gobble up the subsidy dollars destined for request titles and dispursed among those of the paid model.

Now that Magazines Canada have taken on a sizeable request membership component, it will be interesting to see how their tune changes, and ultimately where the true value is at.

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to post 1
If you meant two breeds of the same animal I would agree As for Rogers, they seem to be supportive of a lot of industry activities and not prone to decamping on whim- so perhaps post 2 has a point: What is CBP doing with our fees other than four workshops in Toronto and socking away a huge reserve?

3:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Define value?

What are the issues actually?

3:55 pm  

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