Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello! Canada ME Ciara Hunt promoted; Madrid lets her run own show now

The apron strings at Rogers's Hello! Canada magazine have been loosened, allowing Ciara Hunt, up to now managing editor, to run her own show with a promotion to editor-in-chief. This, according to an item in mastheadonline. All content, planning and layout was under control of the Hello! head office in Madrid. But clearly Hunt now knows what they want and how to deliver it.

Readers will recall that the entire editorial team of the franchise, launched in mid-2006, was fired in January 2007. Hunt, previously an editor-at-large, ran a sort of satellite operation, reporting directly to Countess Isabella de Courson, the Madrid-based editorial director of international publishing. (Hello! originated as Hola! in Spain and went on to spin off a very successful British version.)


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