Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rogers offers points deal if people buy Hello! Canada at Shoppers Drug Marts

Canny Hello! Canada buyers can get 10x their loyalty card points between now and December 31 when they buy the magazine at Shopper's Drug Marts. It's yet another demonstration of the marketing clout of Rogers Publishing, which has a separate deal for its health and beauty title Glow with Shoppers, which is also an important newsstand operator.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"a separate deal for its health and beauty title Glow with Shoppers"

– Glow is produced by Rogers FOR Shoppers Drug Mart, and all products shown in the magazine must be products available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some stores won't carry Glow because they recognize that it's a Shopper's sales vehicle and not a genuine newstand magazine.

4:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm Glow is not produced FOR shoppers -- its NOT a custom publication ... and given that the magazine has fashion spreads and home products etc i think its quite evident that the products featured do not have to be available in shoppers

10:01 am  

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