Friday, October 24, 2008

U.K. magazine launch aims at getting those young people involved

A young publisher in Britain is launching a magazine to try and engage young people in politics. According to a story in Press Gazette, University of Bristol lecturer Laura-Jane Foley, a former editor of Cambridge University's Varsity magazine has started Politick, a quarterly publication aimed at getting young people interested in politics.
“I wanted to find some way of tapping into that generation and getting them talking about politics. There’s nothing on the market that’s aimed at them. The Economist is a quality magazine, but is really dense and goes over a lot of people’s heads.”

The magazine is independent and not aligned to any of the political parties, and whilst Foley makes it clear Politick will not be a “low-level trashy magazine” about politics, it will aim to be accessible and engaging for young people.
Distribution of the first 68-page issue is 30,000 and it will sell for a cover price of £3.99.



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