Friday, February 13, 2009

The greening of an editor...

Ann Dowsett Johnston was largely credited with building the university ratings franchise for Maclean's magazine before leaving for a high profile, non-journalistic job at McGill University. This week, Patricia Best at the Globe and Mail published a short item about Johnston's departure from McGill, which said, in part:
Last week, public documents showed that Ann Dowsett Johnston, a former editor at Maclean’s magazine who took the post of vice-principal, development, alumni and university relations, in February, 2006, and departed 19 months later, was paid $439,788 in wages and benefits while there and $321,471.95 when she left.

She had been hired to lead the university’s major fundraising campaign, with a goal of raising $750-million by 2012, but left two months before its launch. A McGill spokesman declined to tell us why Ms. Dowsett Johnston left, citing confidentiality. But the corporate-style compensation package has surprised those in academic circles and been the talk of Montreal dinner parties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that "development" (i.e. fundraising)is the most important (i.e. best-paid) function in today's academic institutions. The average English prof at McGill is looking on in awe and envy.

Alas, this appears to be yet another in a long line of short-lived executive placements that prove that ex-journalists make, um, good journalists.

12:04 am  

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