Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking a shot at the liquor business

KMI Publishing and Events, a Toronto-based branch of an Australasian company, has launched a new bi-monthly business-to-business magazine called Liquor Canada, serving Canada's more than 20,000 liquor-serving licensees.

The magazine is sold by subscription and by single copy; cover price is $6.99 and a 12-issue sub is $39. A full page ad, 1x costs $4,500. A leaderborad web ad is $2,500 a month.

Circulation is 39% in Ontario, 23% in British Columbia and 18% in Alberta.

The company also publishes Canadian Real Estate and Canadian Mortgage Professional magazines. KMI is part of Key Media,a publishing and events company, which has offices in Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. a publisher of specialist industry news magazines, including Asian Legal Business China, Asian Legal Business Hong Kong, Asian Legal Business Singapore, Asian Legal Business China, Asian Legal Business, Australian Broker, Australasian Legal Business, HRM Singapore, Human Capital Australia, Mortgage Professional Australia, MPA Lender, Your Investment Property and Your Mortgage.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck guys...I just hope you know what you're up against...the LCBO

and believe me, nothing will stop those guys from ensuring that Food and Drink continues to be top dog.

it's a crying shame that a GOVERNMENT owned business runs a magazine like Food and Drink.

sure it's beautiful...and free...and they have really cool rfp's...that I guess have to be modified every now and then
; )

But seriously...why does the LCBO continue to publish Food & Drink?

well, when you're on target to deliver over $1 billion BACK to the Ontario Govt - nothing will stand in your way!

ha! they don't call it a MONOPOLY game for nuthin!

12:52 pm  

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