Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Elle Canada rolls it all out into a day-long consumer show

Elle Canada is taking a new tack in working with and wooing advertisers by hosting what is effectively an all-day consumer show for fashionistas, featuring thirty vendors and sponsored seminars on clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as makeup and hair trends. The event is at the Carlu in Toronto on April 25th

According to a story in Media in Canada,this combination of seminars, fashion shows, lunch, shopping and fund raising for the Toronto Fashion Incubator is a departure for the magazine.
"The goal is to provide our advertisers and consumers with a way to interact beyond the pages, web and mobile," said Elle Canada publisher Jacqueline Howe. "In today's media environment you have to meet your customer where they're at: This multi-platform approach to brand building is not a luxury; it's a necessity and providing these services and experiences to our customers is our strategy....We often get asked to host one-off events for clients and they can be very taxing," she said. "This provides our clients with a high impact event that is more cost effective for them as well, and the event provides terrific promotion and exposure for the Elle brand through our advertising and PR efforts for the event."


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