Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Corduroy co-editor moves back to Toronto,
keeps on publishing

Interesting to see that Tim Chan, the co-editor of Corduroy Magazine (that's issue 5 shown), is moving back to Toronto from New York, nevertheless keeping on with publishing the quirky quarterly that he and fellow Torontonian Peter Ash Lee launched in October 2007. (I know this from an interview on the Torontoist blog by Sarah Nicole Prickett.)
He’s already sacrificed his New York job—and the work visa that came with it—to devote himself to the magazine. Now he’s leaving the loft-land of Brooklyn to hang out in the 905 (his parents live in Richmond Hill) while finding any excuse to explore downtown—and, hopefully, find Corduroy’s ideal readers: “You know, the kind of person who knows about sneaker collaborations and goes to art galleries, but isn’t a snooty collector.”

“I’m excited to come back,” Chan says, twice. It sounds like he’s convincing himself, but we understand; we've got the feeling. “I’m just walking around, just fascinated by the way things are migrating west on Queen, for example. We had our launch party at The Ossington and I didn’t know if anyone would come, but they just wandered in off the street.

“People always talk down Toronto, but I’m finding a lot to do here. It’s really—well, I’m thinking of it, at least, as a new opportunity.”

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