Thursday, February 11, 2010

Granville magazine's current issue is its last in print, for a while...

Granville magazine, the Vancouver lifestyle and city magazine published by Canada Wide Media Limited, has suspended print publication effective with its current Winter 2009 issue. It says it intends to continue the online site until print publication can begin again. David Jordan, the editor, wrote in a December 8 posting (which we've only just seen) 
Launching a new magazine is always an uphill battle, and an unsettled economy has added to the challenge. In anticipation of better times ahead, we plan to resume publication in fall 2010.
The magazine had distributed 25,000 copies to urban Vancouver households, four times a year. It described itself as "a Vancouver city magazine with a heavy dose of sustainability". 
An earlier post quoted shoestring startup costs in May 2007 of only $130,000 and the first issue had $78,000 worth of ads in 72 pages. Advertising in a brutal recession has shrunken to the point where the print magazine is no longer feasible.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

$130,000 is shoestring?
what drugs are they on????!

10:32 am  

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