Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prairie Dog magazine encourages and rewards readers who hunt down typos

{This post has been updated]Here's a nifty idea: reward your readers for spotting typos, as does Prairie Dog, the Regina arts, news and entertainment magazine. The reader chosen wins $10 and a T-shirt. 
Now, some might say it would be better to proofread before publishing, but most magaziners out there will admit that, despite doing that, mistakes creep in. And it's a good promotional idea to find a humorous way to build reader involvement, a way like Typo Weiner. 
[UPDATE: Taddle Creek magazine points out that last May the magazine started rewarding error-spotters a two year subscription to the magazine.] 

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Anonymous Paul Dechene said...

Apparently, not too long ago, our editor got a letter from a reader who thought we intentionally put the typos into the paper to make a fun game. Admittedly, we've had some pretty hilarious typos but they got there the honest way -- we missed 'em.

(For the record, we have an excellent proof reader but sometimes last minute text will get added into the paper without her seeing it.)

Anyway, the Type Wiener contest is very popular and the t-shirts are much coveted.


Paul Dechene
writer, prairie dog magazine

10:54 pm  

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