Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magazines "must buy" campaign launched by Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada is launching a three-pronged print advertising campaign aimed at advertisers, agencies and consumers, highlighting the engagement and effectiveness of magazines. Member magazines are being asked to carry the full-page ads.
“As today’s consumers and business leaders become harder to reach in meaningful ways, magazines more than ever have powerful stories to tell,” said Gary Garland, Executive Director of Advertising Services at Magazines Canada. “They engage, they connect communities and they sell. Member support of these new ad campaigns will remind the advertising community and industry influencers that magazines are not only open for business but a must-buy.”
The first of these campaigns, a “torn insert,” running in Marketing and Marketing QC, November 22 issue (street date November 15) is a die-cut insert that looks like a ripped page in a magazine, a reference to research showing a high percentage of consumers tear ads out of magazines for future reference.
The second consumer-based campaign features a series of whimsical ads that begin with “Dear Magazine Reader.” The ad then apologizes for magazine ads being so successful at prompting purchase. Each ad ends with, “We’re sorry we’re so engaging.” (Member magazines will also be able to create their own customizable version of the ad based on their own experiences.)
The third campaign (example shown), is geared specifically to business media titles, and promotes the power of b2b magazines in keeping business decision makers in the know—wherever they are.
In addition to the print ads, online ads will also be available for the consumer and business media campaigns and an overrun of inserts will be made available to members for use as bookmarks in magazine copies sent to advertisers as comps or proof of performance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about launching a Publishers "Must Pay" Their Writers Better campaign? Perhaps the quality of their "content" would consequently be higher, and then their "numbers" (i.e., the people who purchase said content) would also increase.

I know, it's radical.

12:46 pm  

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