Friday, January 28, 2011

Sending readers away from the magazine page; is it the right strategy?

Media blogger BoSacks raises an interesting question concerning the geo-tagging/augmented reality in the latest Esquire magazine which lets readers interract with its cover model Brooklyn Decker at Barnes and Noble stores by using a downloadable program on their GPS-enabled smartphones. And to search for the reworked Esquire logo at locations across the U.S. His question is whether a traditional print magazine should be sending its readers away with such initiatives.
At the end of the day a printed magazine should stand on its feet and proudly be what it is – a damn good read.  All the other stuff is bluster, smoke and mirrors.  If your magazine is a digital magazine, have at it and be all that you and the digital world can be.  If it is instead a traditional magazine, than you to should be all that you can be.  To me that would be accomplished by having the most addictive content possible.  Sending your readers away from the printed page seems to me to be counterproductive to the long term survival of the printed product.

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