Thursday, January 27, 2011

South African magazine promises to be
a divorce-buster

Magazines may be able to do many things, but saving marriages? A woman called Felicia Buthelezi is launching a magazine in South Africa called I Do on Valentine's Day (February 14). She says she saw a gap in the market after spending three years researching marriage and its challenges. In a Q & A with the Sowetan, she said:
It looks as if there is part of "I do" that we don't understand. When you say the words you commit yourself to stay with a person forever . Marriage is sacred. It needs commitment from both partners.We need to adopt the old spirit of fighting for our families to function properly. If one is weak the other has to keep the home going....Most marriages today are driven by convenience, not by commitment. There is no longer the long-term commitment our parents had. Marriage is hard work and you have to make it work every day. You need a marriage plan like in business.It is important for couples to celebrate each and every milestone in their marriage - whether they have been married for one year or 10 years.



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