Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toronto Life names Maryam Sanati (ex-Chatelaine) as editorial director, special projects

Toronto Life has announced that Maryam Sanati, the much-admired former editor of Chatelaine, deputy editor at Report on Business magazine and of Shift, has been appointed to the newly created role of Editorial Director, Special Projects. (Sanati was dismissed by Chatelaine a little over a year ago after being appointed editor the previous year, piloting it through a redesign and its 80th anniversary. It was speculated at the time -- not convincingly -- that she was fired was because of the controversy over a single article about peanut bans in schools.)
Most recently, Sanati has been working with TorStar on developing a new digital venture. In her new role, which starts in March, she will primarily manage the development of Toronto Life’s annual publications: Wedding Guide, Eating & Drinking, Home Guide, and Style—a new title that will replace Shopping Guide in the fall of 2011. It's not entirely a coincidence that she began her career in magazines more than 15 years ago at Toronto Life



Anonymous Anonymous said...

editorial director, special projects. whatever.

4:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not only nasty and mean, it's also your name if you are going to slag.

Oh, you don't want your reputation damaged while you slag someone else?


Scott Bullock

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Bullock, whatever.

12:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zing! Laugh Out Loud.
I think the new title is a little forced and fluffy. It is usually given to someone who can't write or edit and she can do both. Whatever.

1:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the real issue is that alot of us are tired 'honourary' titles on the masthead. Big bogus titles attached to people with no substance. Not true in this case, but I would rethink the title if I were her. Whatever.

2:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having worked for both Maryam and Scott, all I can say is: Whatever.

Just kidding. Wishing you oodles of happiness and success at your new gig, Maryam. And Scott, as always, you're the man.

Lisa van de Geyn

1:19 am  

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