Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saltscapes restaurant venture to be first in an Atlantic Canadian chain

Just catching up with a recent article about the up-and-running Saltscapes restaurant and general store in Truro, Nova Scotia named after the magazine. Our recent post was short on details, so here's more about this very interesting extension of the nimble, ambitious publishing operation.
Co-publisher Jim Gourlay told the Chronicle-Herald in Halifax that the transition into sectors besides publishing is consistent with the company’s desire to position itself as a promoter of the benefits of the Atlantic Canadian lifestyle.
The new 170-seat dining room and attached "buy-local" retail outlet is intended to be the first of a chain to be located strategically along Atlantic Canada's highways.
Gourlay said a partnership between Millbrook First Nation and Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc. was the driving force behind the appearance of the Saltscapes moniker....

"The focus of the restaurant and the store will be on Atlantic Canadian products," Gourlay said. "It will celebrate the best of the region’s food and products in the same way we feature the lifestyle of the region and its products in our publication at the Saltscapes expo."

One thing that won’t be found on the menu at the restaurant is marine-farmed products such as salmon, which Gourlay said is unsustainable. But products from seafood-growing operations located on land will be featured on the menu, he said.

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