Friday, May 20, 2011

Didn't your mother tell you not to play
with your vegetables?

Musicworks, the magazine that brings some amazing contemporary music to its readers (every issue comes with a CD) in its upcoming summer issue will be showing readers how to make instruments out of vegetables, such as a carrot made into an ocarina, using only some kitchen tools and a drill. The magazine was inspired by the Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna which creates, composes for and performs on veggies. 
At right, from Musicworks' May newsletter, a shot of Micheline Roi (editor), Rob Cruickshank (DIY expert)  showing off their skill with newly created vegetable instruments. (Photo by Adam Coish)
The magazine is offering a package deal that includes buying the magazine, with its usual full-length CD plus the CD "Onionoise" from the Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna for $20 + shipping, only until June 15. 
Here's a video preview of one of three instruments -- a carrot slide whistle -- described in the DIY section of the summer issue (we are not making this up!)

Carrot Slide Whistle from Musicworks magazine on Vimeo.

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