Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rogers Publishing merges consumer and business/professional divisions into one

In what has become a cascade of inevitabilities, with Ken Whyte soon to succeed Brian Segal as CEO of Rogers Publishing, now the two previously separate divisions -- consumer and business & professional -- are being merged. Still more inevitable outcomes are the departure of John Milne, senior vice-president of the business and professional group and Paul Williams, vice-president, brand extension and online development. 
A story in Marketing (which, as part of the business and professional group is directly affected) quotes Segal as saying that the company's overall strategy is to "“work in a more integrated manner to better serve our customers and markets."
Magazine publishers formerly reporting to Milne will now report to Patrick Renard, whose responsibilities have been expanded beyond vice-president of finance.
The operational change comes as Segal himself prepares to leave the company. In September, Kenneth Whyte, currently executive vice-president of the consumer publishing group, will assume Segal’s role overseeing the newly merged operation.
Rogers Publishing also recently sold 15 trade magazines to Vancouver’s Glacier Media.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inevitabilities? What other Inevitabilities do you see coming DB? I'm dying to know what's going to happen.

11:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a large company lets go of high paid people, many of whom built the business, you know it's inevitable the lesser paid newbies will eventually sink the ship with the help of the independent publishers who have the passion to succeed without having to worry about 'who's next'. Rogers never 'got' what Maclean-Hunter had.

2:05 pm  

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