Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our company, Impresa, is the word of the day

Well, what do you know? The word of the day is impresa, which is the longstanding name of our consulting company (Impresa Communications Limited). 
Most clients a) think we made it up and b) misspell it (adding an extra 's' in the mistaken belief it is based on the word impress). Here's what the website A.Word.A.Day gives as the definition:
noun: An emblem or device, usually with a motto.
From Italian impresa (undertaking), past participle of imprendere (to undertake), from Latin in- + prehendere (to grasp). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ghend-/ghed- (to seize or to take), which is also the source of pry, prey, spree, reprise, surprise, pregnant, osprey, prison, and get. Earliest documented use: before 1586.
[H/T to Joyce Byrne]



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