Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Canada Post backs down on restrictions on half-wrap magazine covers.

Canada Post, faced with bewildered and annoyed responses from magazine publishers, has backed off its intention to start restricting partial covers starting in January. The restriction would have allowed a half-wrap on the front only if the back wrap was a full page. Many magazines use half wraps front and back, the front to promote the issue, the back to, for instance, notify readers that their subscription is about to run out. The half-wrap at the back leaves the OBC ad showing.
It was said it was a "health and safety issue", though no one was able to say exactly how or why. Part of the bewilderment in the industry came from the post office calling the wraps "gatefolds".
Anick Losier, Canada Post spokesperson, said in an email to Masthead Tuesday, "Given the recent feedback and impact on our customers, we've decided not to introduce the proposed changes to 'gatefolds' in January 2012. In fact, we're reassessing and putting the project on hold indefinitely."



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