Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maclean's article points out the contradictory strategies of Quebecor

Interesting story in Maclean's magazine by Quebec bureau chief Martin Patriquin detailing a "two-faced" approach by Quebecor and its combative president, Pierre Karl Peladeau towards the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Using letters (which he publishes) obtained through an Access to Information request, Patriquin points out several glaring contradictions, including that Peladeau and his acolytes (e.g. Sun News's Ezra Levant) attack the very existence of the CBC at the same time as Peladeau is writing personal letters and faxes demanding that the CBC advertise in Quebecor publications.
Doubtless, Péladeau’s anti-CBC campaign is at least partly ideological. What unites the differing editorial stances of his English and French properties, apart from their visceral dislike of the public broadcaster, is a populist, free-market ideology of lower taxes and less regulation. Though it has its own public sector connection: roughly 45 per cent of Quebecor Media Inc., Quebecor’s media group, is owned by Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, the province’s pension manager funded in large part by taxpayer dollars.
(As readers of this blog will know, Quebecor is the publisher of the largest group of French language magazines in Quebec, in addition to its holdings in daily and community newspapers, TV and cable.)



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