Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sportsnet magazine being sold for a buck a copy

A subscription to Rogers Media's Sportsnet magazine --  coming up later this summer on a year old --  is being sold for a buck a copy. A special offer gives 10 issues for $10, including a free iPad access tool. The offer  for the biweekly points out that 10 issues cost less than two beers at the stadium. The magazine is normally sold for $29.99 for 26 digital issues and or $29 a year for 26 print issues (both plus tax) -- effectively $1.15 an issue.
Comparable per-copy prices for other Rogers consumer magazines: MoneySense $3.13; Hello $2.08; Maclean's $1.00; Canadian Business $0.95; Chatelaine $1.24; LouLou $1.87, Flare $1.25.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems desperate. While there was a lot of lip service given to the idea that this magazine would be different, Sportsnet is just a copy of other Rogers publications. Doesn't have any groundbreaking insight or news.

8:06 pm  

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