Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Canadian Literature makes 50 years of back issues freely available

Canadian Literature, the quarterly journal published at the University of British Columbia, is making 40 more back issues openly available as pdf files. This adds to a much larger open access archive (http://canlit.ca)-- almost 50 years of content, going back to #1, the summer 1959 debut issue -- and the journal is going to add another year's worth to the archive each year.
"The open access PDF archive is made possible through funding from the University of British Columbia’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund." says the journal in a release. "Another of Canadian Literature’s educational open access projects, CanLit Guides (http://canlitguides.ca), takes advantage of this comprehensive online back issue archive. Currently in development, CanLit Guides is a modular online learning resource that introduces students to reading and writing at a university level."
The publication also maintains a website CanLit Poets which is an online poetry collection aimed at high school students. 
Canadian Literature can be purchased for $19.95 an issue or $56 for a 4-issue subscription.



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