Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Walrus magazine foundation has built a new online portal

The Walrus foundation, publishers of The Walrus magazine, has relaunched its online presence with a new look and feel and a new address, becomes the portal for things like articles from the magazine, but is also integrated with Walrus TV and various digital projects, podcasts etc. Walrus online editor Matthew McKinnon and web developer John Piasetzki have used a WordPress platform to create a site optimized for all devices, from smartphones to ten-inch tablets.McKonnon writes a brief introduction to the project, which he says will allow the site to overcome the limits of "our old dirty content management system" and add new features.
The new Walrus site is a joy to read and use—it stands up next to some of the best digital magazines I've read anywhere," according to Mathew Ingram, senior writer at GigaOm and co-founder of the mesh conference in Toronto (quoted in a Walrus release).
Since its launch, the magazine had been reached online at



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