Friday, February 01, 2013

Quote, unquote: Shrinkage at the Post

"There was a time in my tenure here where it was a standalone magazine, and then obviously it became a broadsheet section, and then it became a couple of pages of a broadsheet section. So I guess it was lacking a bit of the 'oomph' compared to having a book in your hand versus finding a couple of pages tacked onto the back of another section. We thought this was a better reading experience overall."
-- Ben Errett, National Post managing features editor, explaining why the paper was discontinuing its weekend Toronto section. According to a posting in blogTO, the weekend paper will now consist of four parts: the news section, Financial Post, Weekend Post and Post Homes. At one time Post Toronto was a compact pullout magazine; it last appeared in the fall. Now some of its content will be shifted to various spots in the main paper. 



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