Monday, May 20, 2013

Esquire launches weekly tablet edition to get readers to spend more time.

Esquire magazine has been notably forward-looking in recognizing opportunities in the online world. This is demonstrated again by its decision to launch a new weekly tablet edition, which will feature original content, columns, essays and excerpts. In an interview with Folio:, editor-in-chief David Granger and senior editor of digital Joe Keohane said the new tablet edition is their way of of convincing readers to spend more time with Esquire
"The weekly is a way for us to bridge that gap and give more to the digital subscribers, who are missing a lot of great stuff online. By giving them more great stuff—right now $20 gets you the monthly, the Weekly and the Big Black Book—we'll hopefully retain more of them, and attract more new subscribers," [said Granger] 
"There are different kinds of timeliness," [said Koehane.] "The monthly is all about anticipating what is going to be on people's minds or creating stories of such originality that they create their own news. Esquire Weekly will be able to be a little more reactive. It will be very timely. The ideal is to create stories and designs that meet the editorial and design standard of the monthly, but do so at the velocity of the Web."
The new tablet edition is free to digital subscribers and available on demand for 99 cents from the App Store.  

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