Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Quote, unquote: Having your print and online, too

“In traditional media, the Internet was always used as a marketing tool for the print product and we’re trying to reverse engineer that.We’re primarily online because it gives us an opportunity to utilize all of the tools the Internet has to offer, but we do want to have print because it’s a great marketing tool—people love to have a print magazine.”
-- A statement from John Steele, the publisher of a new science magazine called Nautilus. According to a post on Audience Development, the new publication will be multi-faceted:  a print quarterly which, every month will explore online one topic and every Thursday will publish an online "chapter" that dives deeper into that month's topic. The initial print run is 5,000. The idea is to make it available everywhere including on iTunes and selling individual articles as Amazon Kindle Singles. 


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