Friday, May 03, 2013

Rogers Media changes ad sales structure to offer integrated approach

Rogers Media is changing its advertising sales structure to reflect an integrated, client-centred approach, according to a story in Marketing. A client can now talk to one Rogers person or team about an integrated solution that might involve everything from magazine ads to TV or radio spots. 
While most integrated media companies have traditionally built their sales departments to be platform-specific, with one team for TV, one for print, one for digital etc., Rogers’ new model addresses clients’ growing desire for integrated solutions, said Tomik. 
“They just want to know how they can get in front of the consumer in the best possible way with the highest impact,” [said Jack Tomic, chief sales officer]. “More than ever before, integrated solutions are where it’s at.”
The four team leads are Mitch Dent, executive vice-president, Rogers TV sales; Brandon Kirk, vice-president of sales, publishing; Linda McErlain, general sales manager, radio; and Gavin Roth, VP, multiplatform sales. They retain their platform job titles, at least for now. Another lead will be appointed in coming weeks, said Tomik. He said the benefits would be a simplified sales approach avoiding bombarding clients with pitches from various media properties and the company infighting that can result. No word yet on which team will service which agency or client. 
“What we hope to do is smooth out that process in a dramatic and large-scale way so that we’re just easier to do business with, and that we integrate and work together internally so that instead of trying to ensure we make budget on a radio or television station, we’re trying to build advertising campaigns that work for the client. 
“If you work for the client and make them happy, the result is pretty straightforward: They’ll do more business and spend more money with you.”

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