Friday, August 30, 2013

Quote, unquote: On the doorstopper magazines of September fashion

"The fashion world's manifold September issues are among the most influential markers of the industry's year, despite the oft eulogized end of print. It provides a feel-good bible for both publishers and their advertisers, and its heft assures us that the industry continues to flourish. Big advertising campaigns make their debut in the magazines’ front-of-book, followed by fashion features and back-of-book editorials. It remains the doorstopper issue that excites with its authoritative edit, delivery of trends, and forecasted fantasies on how one's fall wardrobe can turn it all around."
-- from Big Issues: The Business Behind September's Fashion Magazines by Rea McNamara in the international art and culture site BlouinArtInfo. (Disclosure: I am quoted in the article.)



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