Monday, September 30, 2013

Calgary's Avenue magazine chronicles three pillars of a successful city

One idea was the importance to students of alternative
transportation and daily exercise

Avenue magazine of Calgary has developed a close relationship with the University of Calgary's environmental design faculty and the results of  a year-long research work they shared is reflected in this year's annual Big Idea issue about what makes a successful city. 

In a release, the magazine said the overarching idea for this year's issue bubbled up at last year's launch.
“In talking with the Environmental Design faculty, we became very interested in the idea that the three cornerstones of a liveable city are education, health care and design,” said Avenue editor Käthe Lemon. “When these three elements come together, the city thrives. And so this is what we decided to explore in this year’s Big Idea. We’re encouraging our readers to get together with others and integrate the concepts into their own communities.”
Content was previewed throughout the year in a series of blog posts

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