Thursday, October 03, 2013

Astronaut finds himself making up for Maclean's

Apparently the flair for showmanship which astronaut Chris Hadfield showed when he was up on the International Space Station continues in the build up to the launch of his new book  An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. Maclean's magazine's cover this week has him made up to imitate David Bowie, whose song "Space Oddity" Hadfield sang and broadcast online, to huge acclaim. The cover story is by Maclean’s national correspondent Charlie Gillis. 

Photographer Christopher Wahl asked the now-retired spaceman to do it, and he went along.
“He went full-bore with it. I explained we needed bare shoulders as opposed to the collared shirt he was wearing, so he happily took it off,” says Wahl, who ensured the lighting during the shoot also matched Bowie’s album perfectly. “He was fully participating—it was awesome. I was on a portrait high for a day and a half afterward.”
The issue includes the first of two exclusive excerpts from Hadfield's book, on sale Oct. 29. 

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Anonymous Matt Demon said...

Very. Disturbing. Cover. The idea is kind of great but the execution is poor. It needed a great photographer and strong layout, but instead feels like a weird selfie dropped into an undesigned template.

8:50 am  

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