Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Canada's History magazine launches online Destinations portal

Canada's History magazine has launched a new online portal that provides information about historical sites, museums, national parks and galleries and various getaways across the country. When unveiling the new site called Destinations at the St. Boniface Museum on Tuesday, the editor-in-chief of Canada's History, Mark Reid said (as reported by Metro): 
"We want to reach out and help people love history by getting them to go out to places where history happened.Basically we’re there to help (historical sites) get their stories out.”
The director of the St. Boniface Museum said the new site would be very helpful for smaller historical sites that don't have a budget for cross-Canada promotion. Featured destinations on the site are the Royal BC Museum Canadian Museum of Civilization, but also the Cobalt Mining Museum, Fort Ingall and the Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum. The site allows visitors to log in, plan a trip, save it, print it and have it directed to their smartphone. 

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