Thursday, October 03, 2013

No renewal until 2023: Geist offers 9 years for $90

Issue now on stands
Geist magazine, in celebration of its 90th issue, is making a subscription offer of 9 years of the quarterly magazine for $90. A normal 1-year subscription is $21 in Canada, so the 9-year offer is $99 or 52% off for a total of 36 issues (not taking account of inflation). Makes it hard to choose between this and the offer of one year of Geist and The Walrus for $40. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be a pessimist but what's the fulfillment/rebate plan should the mag folds in 2016? In this age of flagging circulation, isn't it a tad presumptuous to say, "Yeah, that's right, bucko, we'll still be here in 2023." I mean, c'mon. Ballsy move but somewhat problematic.

10:24 pm  

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