Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nuvo magazine celebrates 15 years of publishing

Nuvo magazine, the Vancouver-based oversized lifestyle quarterly, is celebrating 15 years of publishing with a winter issue that has a cover profile of the well-known architect Moshe Safdie. 

Founder and publisher Pasquale Cusano said this of his 15 years of publishing: 
"I have made it our mandate to consistently give young people with little formal experience the opportunity to work at NUVO. As I tell the team, NUVO is the stage—now how are you going to perform? We laugh, we fight, we eat, we share espressos, we create, we experiment, but only together can we send each issue out."
Editor Claudia Cusano says that, while the magazine showcases a 10-page retrospective of portraiture,
"We decided that the magazine's 15 years should be reflected in this issue but that it should not dominate it." will feature a weekly anniversary series and she said the anniversary issue has a new look as art director Mark Reynolds has reinterpreted the NUVO package.
"The bones are as strong as ever, the skin refreshed and revitalized with an envious glow".



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