Friday, November 15, 2013

Rebecca Philps leaves Vancouver for Toronto Life; art director partner goes with her

Rebecca Philps
Rebecca Philps, the senior and online editor of Vancouver magazine is leaving to become a senior editor at Toronto Life, starting in early January. And, in something of a double whammy, her partner, Brennan Higginbotham, is moving to Toronto with her and thus leaving as Vancouver and Western Living's associate art director, as well as art director of Western Living Condo

In a memorandum to staff, John Burns, the editor-in-chief of Vancouver, referred to the changes as "bittersweet" and said that they'll be difficult to replace.
"Rebecca and Brennan have been here for 18 years between them and together hold a strong institutional memory for this place and for the many colourful characters who've passed through. I'm sad to see them go -- they've been a big part of our editorial success and of my joy in working here -- and I'm also thrilled to see them embrace the many opportunities that Toronto will offer them."



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