Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Walrus, now, says ministry of labour has closed intership program

The Walrus magazine is letting its interns go as the result of a crackdown by the Ontario ministry of labour that we first reported yesterday this week at Toronto Life. The co-publisher of The Walrus, Shelley Ambrose,  issued a statement today:
The Liberal Government of Ontario's Ministry of Labour has closed the internship program at The Walrus Foundation. The Ministry of Labour employment standards act inspector has said our four-to-six-month unpaid internships can no longer be offered unless the interns have a formal agreement for a work experience with a vocational school. We have been training future leaders in media and development for ten years, and we are extremely sorry we are no longer able to provide these opportunities, which have assisted many young Ontarians - and Canadians - in bridging the gap from university to paid work and in, many cases, to stellar careers.


  1. With all due respect to Walrus and others, lets have some names of "leaders" from the ten year past.

  2. Matt Demon4:17 pm

    Maybe if they had an intern on the copy desk they would have caught Shelley's hyphen-for-em-dash errors.


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