Friday, April 04, 2014

Former students welcomed to wish Lynn Cunningham well on her retirement

Spread out throughout the magazine business are writers and editors who, as students in the magazine stream at Ryerson University, have had the good fortune to study the form and substance of the business under Lynn Cunningham. Somewhat in advance of her August retirement (but aligned with the school term and the fact she's on a sabbatical), she is the guest of honour at the school of journalism on Thursday, April 24 from 4 to 6 p.m. Current and former students are welcome to attend and say au revoir

 Cunningham joined the full-time journalism faculty in 1997 after holding senior positions at a variety of magazines, including Canadian Business, Quest and Toronto Life. She won the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement from the National Magazine Awards in 1999. She served as a member of the 1993-94 Tasse-O'Callaghan federal task force on magazines and her 2001 master's thesis, entitled "Culture Wars: How Canada Lost the Battle to Protect Its Magazines," explored the federal government's failed attempts to construct cultural measures to foster Canadian magazines. 



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