Friday, May 02, 2014

Magazine ads retain their power to stick with and motivate readers

Recent data from Starch Syndicated Research shows that readers remain consistently engaged with ads in magazines. In the first four months of 2014, according to a release from GfK, the owners of the Starch , just over half of magazine readers (52%) said they could recall seeing or "noting" (a particular Starch trope) a specific print ad in a magazine, about the same proportion as in 2010. And 62% of those who recall seeing an ad took some action as the result of a print ad. Starch Advertising Research executive vice president Dr. Michal Galin stated: 
“The Starch data show that magazine ads have lost little or none of their power to motivate consumers. Each of the actions we measure represents a high level of engagement; and, when it comes to joining a social network or the use of a QR code, print magazine ads are moving consumers into a digital universe where longer term relationships can be developed and tracked. The result is deeper connections with brands, and a greater likelihood to buy."



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