Friday, May 02, 2014

Ontario's Bill 91 Waste Reduction Act likely to die on order paper

[This post has been updated] Who says there is no good news? With the near certainty that there will be a June election called in Ontario now that the NDP has said it won't support the Wynne government's budget, the legislature would be prorogued and, with it, will go Bill 91, The Waste Reduction Act. The draft legislation about waste diversion would have been bad news for the magazine publishing sector -- too expensive, lacking in accountability, worse in several aspects from the Blue Box system that is in place now. The draft bill would have required producers (publishers) to pay 100% of the costs without having 100% control over those costs. 

A new government, no matter what party gets in power (highly likely to be short-lived minority government) would have the opportunity to rethink the waste diversion regime and, working with all the stakeholders -- including publishers -- could come up with something that looks after the environment and the taxpayer. 

[Update: It should be noted that dozens of other pieces of very worthwhile legislation are also off the order paper with the election.]

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